Friday, 31 May 2013
Soho, London, UK
As the weather has been rubbish in London, I couldn't take any photos outside, so I couldn't write a blog. But now the weather is getting better, I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping it will stay like this for rest of the summer. 

Me and my boyfriend wanted to go to Soho for a drink. It was a cloudy day outside, but I was brave to wear shorts. He told me that I would be freezing but I wasn't, because summer is coming and the air is getting warmer outside even if it's raining. 

I wanted to wear something bright because of the cloudy weather. It makes me happy even if the weather isn't good. Bright colours make my day brighter.

So the shoes are from Vans and they have lots of flowers and leaves on them. I don't think pink and green usually work together, of course there's always an exception, but with this pair of shoes I think they work very well. They have been in my closet for a long time, so I actually bought them when I was a bit younger, but now I think I like them again. Funky is back on my good list, I hope you feel the same.

The leopard shoelaces are from Claire's, £5. I used them because I think they are funky and the bright green colour goes really nicely with the shoes. The only problem is that they're so long, I could wrap them around my leg a million times, but I made them shorter by making a knot under the tongues. 

(Photography by OmarShaker.)