WISH LIST: 07.03.2013

Thursday, 7 March 2013
London, UK
Spring is here now, and all I see all over the Internet, TV, billboards and shop windows, is black and white clothes. Spring's all about the monochromes now. I have seen loads of amazing clothes, but it's hard to pull them off. Some people are too shy to go so extreme with the black and white squares, stripes and patterns, but you shouldn't be. 

People will be jealous, if you wear your clothes proudly. 

If you don't want to go full monochrome, because you think it's not you, or it's too much for your taste, you can get amazing bags, belts and shoes. I have done some research for you, so if you want to go with a nice bag and shoes I have the best items for you. 

http://uk.accessorize.com/view/product/uk_catalog/acc_1,acc_1.1/3892179000#galleryAccessorize has this amazing bag, Stag Panel Barrel Bag. It's not even that expensive. Anyone can afford it, it's only £45. The best thing is, you can use your student card to get a discount, of course only if you're a student. This bag is practical to go to work, college/university. Not too much with the monochromes, so you can show a bit of class with it. What stands out on this bag, the reindeer head on the top. You wouldn't get this with other bags. I believe makes the bag a bit wild. 

To get the bag, click here.

So lets talk about shoes that could go with the bag. I have found the cutest shoes ever. You can buy them from Debenhams. The company Dune made these gorgeous shoes, and I'm sure they're really comfortable too. Not too pricey, £85, but if you buy them now, you can get it for cheeper. They do a 20% discount at the moment, so don't hesitate! We are talking about shoes, and you have to jump at the price drop as fast as you can. 

These shoes would go perfectly with the bag I posted above. These shoes are practical to work, night outs. What else do you need? It has the normal classy shape, that you would usually get in a simple black. But why not change a little bit? Why not make it a little bit more funky? Mix it up ladies, we have to stand out, we have to be unique to get other people's attention. 

If you feel like getting these amazing shoes, click here.

Of course black and white goes with EVERYTHING! So this spring collection is just the best news for everyone, do you not think? 

I have found the most gorgeous monochrome dress. ASOS is an amazing website to get dresses from. Karen Millen done a great job making this dress. Not all of us can afford the dress that Louis Vuitton has shown at the Fashion Week lately, but this dress is the perfect dress, that you can love this spring, £175. The price is the perfect price for a dress. Not too expensive. Love it! Love it! Love it!

The colours are simple, but gorgeous. If you wear this dress for a night out, to a date, work or to a restaurant, I promise you everyone will be jealous of your dress. You will own the room wearing this dress. Just click here to get this dress. It's worth it!

There's loads of things that I could of talk about as well as these three clothing items, but it's hard to pick, and these are the three most important things that a woman needs in their life.